Rob Thomas and the Matchbox Twenty boys are back in action.

After a couple hiatuses, one departure (rhythm guitarist Adam Gaynor), and one addition (drummer Ryan MacMillan), Matchbox Twenty has released a lyric video for their first single in five years: “She’s So Mean,” a bubbly, upbeat song from their upcoming album, North, set to drop September 4. The lyrics are far from deep, but that’s never stopped us from playing something over and over (and over).

Now 40, Rob Thomas has definitely aged, but his group’s music apparently hasn’t.

Watch and then tell us what you think of the song. Does it hold a candle to their hits on Yourself or Someone Like You (1996), Mad Season (2000), and More Than You Think You Are (2002)?

Credit: YouTube Photo: Matchbox Twenty's New Single "She's So Mean": First Listen! (VIDEO)

Source: Perez Hilton

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