Credit: @MeganFox Photo: Megan Fox Boba Fett Twitter photo

It’s not natural for a fox to tweet!

Megan Fox just joined Twitter on January 3, then asked her followers what she should do now. The actress has 254,000 followers, but she never really took to the social media platform. Her last post, on January 9, reads, "5 days on Twitter and I have yet to discern it's purpose. #WhatIsThePoint ???"

And now she’s just posted update on Facebook:

"Some of you may, or may not have noticed by now that my Twitter account has been shut down...
I thought that 2013 might be the year that I finally blossomed into a social networking butterfly... but as it turns out I still hate it.
Love you guys but I will just never be that girl. Facebook is as much as I can handle.
#I'm Sorry"

Oh well! She seemed to almost be enjoying herself back on January 5 when she tweeted a photo of a drink coaster with Boba Fett on it. We'll cherish the memory. And we’ll give her a slow clap for being more mature than a lot of us.

Sources: @MeganFox, Facebook