Credit: AnOther Photo: Michelle Williams on AnOther.tiff

Michelle Williams probably wishes life were as simple as it is on the yellow brick road.

The Oz the Great and Powerful star has had a bumpy past few months, and now a photo she posed for during a shoot for AnOther Magazine has come under fire for offending Native Americans, according to EW.

In one photo for the magazine's shoot, Michelle has long braids and feathers in her hair, clearly meant to look like a Native American.

On March 12, Jezebel posted an article by writer Ruth Hopkins  who is a Native American  which refers to the photo as using "redface."

Ruth is asking for an apology and for the issues to be pulled. 

The Native American Journalists Association also chimed in, saying, "It perpetuates the stereotype that all Native people look like this."

For their part, AnOther Magazine says they did not intend to "mimic, trivialize, or stereotype any particular ethnic group or culture," and that the photo was one of "a series of eight different imaginary characters."

Michelle recently split with Jason Segel after dating for about a year.

Source: Entertainment Weekly