Liam Hemsworth is back in the U.S. — and he was spotted at twerking, ring-flashing, unicorn fiancee Miley Cyrus's home.

RadarOnline has a new story claiming the two "saved" their relationship with talks over the weekend. "He had a chance to clear his head in Australia and Manila, realized he couldn’t be without Miley and wanted to make their relationship work," an "insider" told RadarOnline. 

"They sat down and talked it all through. Miley told Liam she wants more romance in the relationship, while Liam said he wanted to her be more responsible and act her age. Liam and Miley both have dominant personalities and can be quite stubborn. In the end, they knew that it would be better if they just listened to one another."

Act her age! She's 20. He's 23. And did they talk through whatever happened with January Jones? That rumor was spread by more than just a couple of tabloid sources, but maybe it pushed them to really address what they want from this relationship. Or this insider could be making stuff up, which is always entirely possible. Either way, Liam himself dressed as a unicorn for Miley’s music video last year, so he knows how to get wild too.

Source: RadarOnline

Credit: YouTube Photo: Miley Cyrus Twerking Video — See Her Dance in Unicorn Onesie! (VIDEO)