Halloween is coming, and Miley Cyrus just got the pants scared off of her. Literally.

The short-haired starlet is already getting into the spirit of the spooky season by hanging out with some creepy ghost-like skeleton creatures, and she posted the photographic evidence to prove it.

On October 16, Miley tweeted this photo from her Pheed page of a late-night encounter with a spooky sprite. We understand why Miley’s feigning a look of horror in the pic. It totally fits with the moment.

However, we’re a bit more confused as to why exactly she decided to not wear any pants for the photo. Granted, this is Miley we’re talking about. She’s certainly gone without key items of clothing in the past.

Maybe she’s simply trying to match the ghost by dressing just like it? In that case, she could use a bigger costume.

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