Credit: Twitter

Things may not have worked out between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, but it seems like there are plenty of women who still find him adorable.

Case in point: Today is Miley Cyrus's younger sister Noah's birthday, and the two celebrated by posing in bed with a cardboard cutout of the One Direction star.

Miley posted a pic to Twitter on January 8 of herself and her sister each smooching cardboard Harry in bed. Then, Miley posted one just herself cuddling with the boy-band cutie.

So is Miley having second thoughts about her engagement to Liam Hemsworth? Not at all, she clarifies. She set the record straight with this tweet: 

Credit: Twitter

Phew! We were worried there that Miley and Liam were having issues. Turns out, she was just being Miley.

And who could turn down a chance to cuddle with Harry, whether he's made of skin and bones or paper and ink? Not us, anyway!

Source: Twitter