Is Miley Cyrus just being Miley  or is serious trouble brewing in her relationship with Liam Hemsworth?

Miley attended a house party with a mystery man in L.A. on March 7, and she wasn't wearing her engagement ring for the second straight day, according to Us Weekly.

Miley and the guy  who has been identified as Paul Khoury  arrived at the party together. Then, after spending some time at the shindig, the two got into Miley's car and drove away.

Pics of Miley and Paul  including one of them in the car  can be seen here

Miley had also been photographed the day before without her wedding ring.

Sources say Miley and Liam have hit a rough patch, and that they are fighting over their competing careers and Miley's major image makeover, among other things.

"He's not happy," a source says of Liam. "She says she's over it."

Miley took to Twitter earlier this week to confirm that the wedding is still on, although rumors are swirling to the contrary.

This follows rumors that Liam hooked up with January Jones at an Oscar party.

Is the party over for Miley and Liam? Let's hope not, but things certainly aren't looking good.

Source: Us WeeklyX17 Online