Credit: Twitter

Always a vocal supporter of gay rights, Miley Cyrus kicked off her own recognition of LGBT pride month (typically celebrated in June) by tweeting a picture of herself wearing a pin that reads, “Homophobia is a Social Disease.” The singer/actress also wrote, “my favorite accessory of the day. #stopspreadinhate.”

But not all of her fans from her Disney days were as pleased with Miley’s seemingly innocent pic.

In response to one Twitter user who criticized the photo, Miley wrote back, “@TanyaPetras well that’s sacrilegious cause your not god & he says he is the only one to judge. #showlove&showgodslight.”

Miley isn’t shy about sharing potentially controversial comments with her fans, whether it’s about the “magic” of sex or calling out the “D Bag” paparazzi that love to follow her around.

But it’s refreshing to see her stand up to intolerant fans on a divisive issue.

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