Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images Photo: Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 6, 2012

What keeps a Hollywood “It” girl tossing and turning at night? Nightmares of invasive paparazzi? Memories of red-carpet fashion gone awry? Anxiety over one’s latest drastic haircut? In Miley Cyrus’s case, it’s a lack of a female entourage. Luckily for her, we’ve got a solution.

Miley Cyrus hardly got a wink of sleep Saturday night, so she took to Twitter to live-blog her insomnia. “Slept all day. Up all night,” she tweeted. Then: “4:40. Still can’t sleep.” Hours later: “In need of girlfriends.” And at 11:23 A.M.: “11:23.” (Thanks, Miley-Clock!)

So what’s the matter? Is she tired of hanging out with Liam’s bros? Does she need some estrogen around her to balance out the equation?

Miley, meet Selena Gomez.

After her recent split with Justin Bieber, Selena could surely use a shoulder to cry on... and Miley’s shoulder is super-accessible now that she’s chopped off her hair! Coincidence? We think not.

Plus, Miley and Liam seem like a rock-solid couple, so Miley could even impart her romantic wisdom, giving Selena relationship advice for when Selena and Justin reunite. (We’re optimists.)

Miley, have your people call Selena’s people and get the ball rolling on Tinseltown’s next BFFship. It’s a match made in publicity heaven.

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