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Liam Hemsworth turned 23 on Sunday, January 13 — and his fiancée, Miley Cyrus, honored him with some Twitter silence.
Yesterday, Miley tweeted, “It's my baby's birfffday today so no tweeting :) gotta spend that qt ❤❤❤ gonna be on a little twitter hiatus for a bit. Love y'all xx.” She then added, “PS I will let him know how many of our fans have sent such sweet b-day messages ❤ you da best.”

Liam is rumored to not be a fan of Miley’s Twitter — but she has her world and he has his. It sounds like they are learning to compromise with their likes and dislikes — just like any smart (almost) married couple.

Anyway, happy b-day, Liam! Hope it was a great one.

Source: @MileyCyrus