Miley Cyrus is giving us another fashion show, so it's time to clap or shake your head!

Miley is a staple at Beacher's Madhouse in L.A. but apparently she didn't feel like heading out late Thursday night. Instead, she put on this outfit and tweeted, "All dressed up with no where to go. #pimpsuit."

Credit: @MileyCyrus

Since she's posing for us ... what do you think of her two-piece look? Cute? Crazy? Cool? Maybe too cool, since she doesn't have much of a top on and could probably use a sweater? More hooker than pimp? (Don't blame us for that last one, we cribbed it from one of the comments under her photo.)

What is it with “pimp” fashion, anyway? How did they become style icons? Anyway, hit a reaction button below if you want to weigh in on Miley’s look.

Source: Twitter

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