Billy McKnight is father to Mindy McCready's 6-year-old son, Zander. Billy was on The Today Show Monday — via satellite from Tampa, Florida — and said he was not shocked that the country singer took her own life.

"She's just been battling demons for so long. I was around her when she attempted suicide twice, so I knew it was in her," he said (via Us Weekly). "I feel for her mother and her family, especially my son. [But] I can't say that it shocked me, no."

Billy said his son shouldn't have been taken away from him to begin with, but he'd like him to return to Florida, where a loving family would welcome him. Mindy also had another son — Zayne, not quite 1, with her boyfriend, David Wilson, who died one month ago, also from a gunshot wound.

"I don't know what's going to happen to Zayne," Billy said, "but if he does go to Fort Meyers where her family is from, it's only an hour and a half difference. I'd like to keep those boys being brothers together and try to turn my son's life around. He's had a rough first six years and he deserves better than this. My heart's broken for him right now. I'm very worried."

Source: Us Weekly