Credit: Twitter

Doesn't it seem like there are a ton of scandals involving beauty pageants these days? Well, here's another one.

Melissa King, who was named Miss Delaware Teen USA in November, has resigned the crown following reports that she starred in an adult film, according to TMZ.

Melissa, who is 18, denies appearing in the hardcore sex film, but pageant officials confirm that Melissa has indeed tendered her resignation. Runner-up Hailey Lawler will replace Melissa.

The video was apparently shot in June 2012, and Melissa turned 18 in March.

In the video, the woman says she turned 18 a few months ago. She also discusses her favorite sex position.

On February 23, Melissa took to Twitter to address her fans. She wrote: 

The lesson here: If you want to be a beauty queen, stay away from the porn industry.

Actually, we're thinking that just about everyone should stay away from the porn industry.

Source: TMZ