Molly Sims can't handle the tooth.

The 39-year-old model-actress had every intention of breastfeeding her now-seven-month-old baby boy, Brooks, but she stopped because it was too painful, according to People.

She says that everyone at the hospital took a while to figure out why she was having so much pain breastfeeding.

“I’m like, ‘Is there any way a baby could be born with a tooth?’” she tells Anderson Cooper. “And they went, ‘Oh sweetie, I know you’re a model, but … babies aren’t born with teeth!’”

“Come to find out, my baby was born with a tooth!” she continues.

She tried her best to figure out a way to breastfeed, but nothing worked.

“I did nipple shields, nipple guards, supplemental nursing system — it was horrible,” she confesses.

“Cut to I’m not breastfeeding and I’m proud of it," Molly says.

Well, no one can accuse her of not trying.

Source: People