Despite the fact that Kristen Stewart was far, far away from the VMA awards, MTV execs were initially mad when host Kevin Hart cracked a joke at her and Robert Pattinson’s expense, reports Hollywood Life.

The reason? RPattz was there when Kevin brought up the cheating scandal involving Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders and KStew! However, sources say he remained “oblivious to the situation and he didn’t even hear the joke at the time it was said.”

Addressing “the elephant in the room,” Kevin Hart opened the show:

No one wants me to talk about it, but I do what I want. This is what I want to say — I want to talk about Kristen Stewart. Here’s what I gotta say about Kristen Stewart — everybody makes mistakes. She allegedly messed around with a director. She did it, so what. Look on the bright side. Here’s the thing. They are now a part of the seven dwarfs: Dopey, sleepy, adultery, cheating. If you made a mistake, so what!

According to Hollywood Life’s source, MTV’s higher-ups were “mad at first,” but the situation quickly fizzled: “They were OK with things mostly because Kristen wasn’t there and the Twilight gang hadn’t fully shown up by the time he mentioned things.”

We guess that’s at least that’s one happy ending!

Source: Hollywood Life

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