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Sometimes, life doesn't seem fair.

My Fair Wedding host David Tutera is sadly breaking up with partner Ryan Jurica after more than ten years together, according to TMZ.

David and Ryan Jurica celebrated their love with a wedding ceremony in Vermont in 2003. However, since they live in California, they filed for a domestic partnership.

David has now reportedly filed legal documents to end the partnership, citing "irreconciliable differences."

Making things extra difficult is the fact that the couple have twins on the way.

A surrogate is currently carrying the babies for the couple and is due in July. Yikes.

Reportedly, David is asking for full custody of the children and doesn't want to pay spousal support. He also wants Ryan to pay for all of their legal fees involved in the split. 

Sounds like this isn't exactly an amicable parting of ways.

David is a wedding planner who helps couples prepare for their big day on the WE tv show My Fair Wedding, which has aired since 2008.  

We hope David and Ryan can find a way to part peacefully, and we're wishing the best for their kids.

Source: TMZ