Credit: ABC

Nashville has an amazing cast of talented backwoods beauties who love nothing more than to break into spontaneous song (it's basically like The Sound of Music all over again, except totally different), and we're thinking it's time to welcome a few newbies into the fold. After all, Nashville is a magical unicorn sure to appeal to the most character of character actors, so it's only a matter of time before a super famous face shows up for a guest appearance.

Check out 5 actors we'd love to take Music City by storm!

1. Matthew Perry
Could Matthew Perry be any funnier? (See what we did there? Friends references for everyone!) This comedian has had a hard time nabbing a recurring TV role since everyone's favorite sitcom ended, but he would fit right in on Nashville. The show is in desperate need of a few LOLs, and Matthew is great at deadpan humor. He'd be A+ as an executive at Rayna's (Connie Britton) new record label, and obviously they'd have an affair. How could you even ask?

2. Lorelai Gilmore (Er, Lauren Graham)
Lauren Graham lived with Connie Britton back in the days of yore, so it just makes sense for her to show up on Nashville. We're thinking Lauren could play the free-spirited mother of a nerdy high schooler, because apparently she's really good at that role. Or even better? She could become besties with Rayna only to stab her in the back and date Deacon (Charles Esten)! Bwahahahaha, it's all coming together.

3. Kristen Bell
Once Kristen Bell is done popping out babies and making the Veronica Mars movie (Team Marshmallow FTW), we suggest she hop on over to Nashville and play Scarlett's (Clare Bowen) older sister, who sashays into town for a bonding session and ends up falling in love with Gunnar (Sam Palladio). Because anyone who enters the same room as Gunnar and accidentally huffs his feelings would be smitten. The question? Which O'Connor will Gunnar show off his guns to?

4. Mark Ruffalo
We are in love with Mark Ruffalo. Frankly, he could just show up on Nashville only to immediately be killed off by one of the roving gangs who beat people up in alleys (RIP, Jason), and we'd still be happy. But we're thinking Mark is the perfect hunk to play Avery's (Jonathan Jackson) dad, who comes to check on his wayward love child after hearing that he's grown a concerning mullet. Dude is in crisis, and only Marky Mark can help.

5. Phoebe Tonkin
Phoebe Tonkin got her start on The Secret Circle, and then moved over to its CW sister-show, The Vampire Diaries. And trust — this up-and-comer can act. We can definitely see her as a super-starlet country singer who strolls into town and becomes Juliette's (Hayden Panettiere) biggest competition. Well, other than the middle-aged lady commonly known as Rayna Jaymes.

Which actors would you love to see guest star on Nashville? Spill it in the comments!