Credit: Video Still Photo: Still: Don Is Back

After more than a year of waiting, Mad Men Season 5 is finally only a little over a month away (it premieres March 25, as if you didn't already have your calendar marked).

AMC just rolled out its first round of Mad Men teaser promos. Despite containing absolutely no new footage, these new videos — with their tantalizing tag lines like "jealousy is back" and "action is back" — leave us tingling with anticipation for the new season.

First, a promo for the show as a whole, promising "style," "deception," "adultery," and much more.  "Mad Men is back," it concludes. Heck yes, it is!

Credit: Spoiler TV Photo: Mad Men Season 5 Promo: Mad Men Is Back

Don, of course, also gets his own super suave promo. We've missed your face, Jon Hamm.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Mad Men Season 5 Promo: Don Is Back

Finally, Roger, too, is back. How have we managed without his quips all year?

Credit: YouTube Photo: Mad Men Season 5 Promo: Roger Is Back

It's official: Awesome is back. Thanks, AMC. We forgive you for The Killing.


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