**UPDATE: Gangster Squad's release date has been pushed forward yet again! Deadline now reports that Warner Bros. has moved it to September 7, which means we'll get to see our favorite guy's next movie more than a month sooner. We'd better start writing our thank you card... 


It’s been too long since we last saw Ryan Gosling light up the silver screen. Fortunately for us, the mega-star has a full dance card for 2012, including Gangster Squad with Emma Stone, which will be coming to theaters earlier than originally planned. Yay!

The flick had been given an October 19 release date, but Deadline now reports that Warner Bros. has pushed up the opening to October 12. We haven’t heard why they’ve made the change, but we won’t argue with anything that brings Ryan to us a week sooner than expected!

Also starring Sean Penn and Josh Brolin, the film follows a group of Los Angeles police trying to manage the 1940s and '50s mafia scene.

Source: Deadline

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