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Just in case the stellar cast of the upcoming musical-turned-movie Rock of Ages wasn’t enough to excite you, this extended trailer is filled with enough dancing, Alec Baldwin one-liners, images of former Dancing With the Stars pro Julianne Hough singing on a city street, and sweat dripping off of a shirtless Tom Cruise, to get anyone hopped up on Journey.

Since Rock of Ages comes from the director of Hairspray, we fully expect Tom Cruise to pull a John-Travolta-in-a-fat-suit and embarrass himself thoroughly. But we think Tom, like fellow Xenu-loving John, is one of those A-listers that can get away with this kind of fare.

What do you think? Will you race to the theaters on June 15? Or will you leave the Def Leppard and Foreigner songs to your parents?

Credit: YouTube Photo: New Trailer for Rock of Ages Features Sweaty, Shirtless Tom Cruise (VIDEO)

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