Nicholas Hoult may be promoting a movie called Warm Bodies, but the Brit is just straight-up hot.

He talked to E! News about the movie, and briefly teased the upcoming X-Men film. He and his now ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence met on the set of the last X-Men movie. E! managed to squeeze in a question about JLaw at the end of the video interview, asking if Nicholas was rooting for her to win the Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook. "Yeah, I'm very proud,” he said, then quickly inched away and let his handler lead him on down the press line. You get personal, you get the brush-off!

Jen and her Silver Linings co-star Bradley Cooper have dodged romance rumors, and Nicholas was recently seen flirting with an Italian actress in Rome. They are both moving on ... but we're not-so-secretly hoping they get back together when they shoot the next X-Men movie.

Source: E! News