Credit: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images Photo: Nick Jonas Arrives at the House of Blues on August 27, 2011

Is Nick Jonas a fan of Duffy’s hit song? Or of Kanye’s latest rap? Or of short-lived NBC medical dramas? OK, we don’t know why exactly, but the the 22-year-old has had his arm inked with the word “mercy,” which artistically curls into into the infinity symbol.

“Mercy forever,” Nick tweeted as he posted the photo a week ago (October 15).

Maybe he’s hoping Miley Cyrus will spare him a “We Are Never Ever, Ever Getting Back Together”-style rebuttal to his “Wedding Bells” song, which he obviously wrote with his their 2006-2007 relationship in mind.

Credit: Nick Jonas on Instagram Photo: Nick Jonas's New Tattoo

He also played the character Marius Pontmercy in two London productions of the musical Les Misérables, so maybe that has something to do with it?

All right, we’ll stop speculating and just say that if Nick were a diehard Revenge fan, he’d double that glyph to create Emily’s dad’s “infinity-time-infinity” symbol — though “mercy” is a word excluded from Emily Thorne’s vocabulary!

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