Vanessa and Nick Lachey welcomed their son Camden seven months ago. Nick has a new album out called A Father's Lullaby, and he talked to FOX 411 about how things have been going so far for the family.

Nick said Camden is now "laughing and talking and sitting up. He’s just getting really expressive. He’d gotten into the belly laugh stage." How is Vanessa doing? "I think she went through a bit of what she calls the baby blues. I think for women you’ve got all the hormonal changes, the breastfeeding. It’s a lot to contend with especially your first time. She’s doing great though. She’s a natural as a mother."

Nick recently talked to ABC News about how they are planning to raise Camden, and any future kids, in Nick's hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, where his brother Drew is already raising his own kids.

So how many children do Nick and Vanessa hope to have? "I think we’ve talked about two more," he said, "but if the next one is a girl it may be tempting to just have one of each. In a perfect world we’d have a couple of boys and then finish off with a daughter. If I can orchestrate that I’d be good."

Well, they can orchestrate it if they adopt, otherwise ... good luck!

Source: FOX 411