Credit: Gene Page/AMC Photo: Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) on The Walking Dead

SPOILERS AHEAD! Stop reading if you haven’t watched the December 2 episode of The Walking Dead.

Alas, the spoilers were true — and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) fans may already be mid-riot after The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 8 midseason finale, "Made to Suffer.”

On the upside, Daryl was officially reunited with his brother, Merle (Michael Rooker), for the first time in the series' history. (We never saw the brothers together on Season 1, and Daryl’s hallucination on Season 2 doesn’t count.)

At the end of the December 2 midseason finale, Daryl was put in the Zombie Fight Club gladiator pit as the citizens of Woodbury called for both brothers to die. What’s going to happen, when the series launches the final eight episodes of the season in February?

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Well, not only was there a flash of Daryl running in the woods in the tease for the second half of the season, both Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker were spotted filming recently in Georgia, with Norman still around to shoot the Season 3 finale. So don't worry too much, neither bro should be leaving us soon, and Daryl probably makes it to Season 4. Will Merle make it to the end? Maybe, maybe not. Should Merle survive or should he sacrifice himself in some way, as redemption for abducting Glenn and Maggie and beating the crap out of Glenn?

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 "The Suicide King" Sneak Peek: Can Andrea Save Daryl? (VIDEO)