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It’s not a bad idea.

The Seven Year Itch is pretty well documented. It even got its own movie! So even though actress Olivia Wilde massively overshared about her sex life with boyfriend Jason Sudeikis during a monologue at These Girls, hosted by Glamour magazine, she made some interesting points.

Olivia was married to Tao Ruspoli for eight years. Toward the end, she said in her monologue (via Vulture), she felt like her “vagina died” — and a woman just can't lie to her vagina. Then she met Saturday Night Live’s Jason Sudeikis and fell wildly in love with him. Now, she says, “We have sex like Kenyan marathon runners.” But she’s worried it won’t last, so she said in her Utopian Olivia Land, “relationships can legally only last seven years, without an option to renew. That way it never goes stale. Can you imagine, if we only had seven years? We’d be so nice to each other, so kind, and appreciative and enthusiastic, like we were eating a really expensive bowl of pasta!” True!

Olivia Land would also legalize prostitution and everyone would be free of body hair and menstrual cramps. If she had just come up with all of this in a normal interview, it would be bizarre. But as a monologue, it’s pretty good.

What do you think of the idea of ending relationships after seven years?

Source: Vulture

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