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What is your damage, Heather? None, if the original Mean Girls do reunite on Bravo.

Writer Jenny Bicks talked to The Hollywood Reporter at Saturday's Television Critics Association's winter press tour and said she'd love to have Winona Ryder and the original Heathers cast back for Bravo's update of the 1988 cult classic.

Winona played Veronica in a high school filled with popular girls named Heather. The new show would pick up 20 years later, with Veronica returning home with her teenage daughter, who has to contend with "The Ashleys," who are the new Heathers. It's like the Boy Meets World sequel, in a way.

"If Winona Ryder wanted to come in and play something, we'd love to have her," Bicks said. "It's a fun way of casting new women that are around her but also her kids. [...] Bring them all back! I think there's that sense of the people who know the original would love to see that but then there's also this opportunity for this whole new generation who doesn't know Heathers the way we do to be introduced to it in a new way. Like what's happening with [the CW's] The Carrie Diaries right now — people who don't know the old show but can be introduced to a new show."

She’s still in talks with Bravo and hopes to report news on a pilot soon.

The original Heathers also starred Shannen Doherty and Christian Slater, among others. Even though some of the characters are dead, the actors could always make cameos in other roles, as a kind of nod to the past.

What do you think of a Heathers reboot? So very, or so very bad?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter