Bella is firmly in Katniss's corner!

Kristen Stewart, who was at the 2013 Oscars as a presenter, was thrilled that her friend Jennifer Lawrence won the Best Actress award, according to Us Weekly.

"When they announced Jen's name, Kristen was so happy and cheering for her!" according to an onlooker. "She was going crazy in her seat."

According to a mutual pal of the Twilight and Hunger Games stars, they are "very friendly."

"They've hung out a bunch," says their friend. "They're funny together."

Back in December, Jennifer was quoted in an interview as calling Kristen "one of the coolest people I've ever met." And it sounds like they became friends as soon as they first met last year. So cute!

The two ladies certainly have a lot in common, as they're both 22 and both get to deal with crazed fans of their film franchises.

We love it when our favorite A-listers are besties!

Source: Us Weekly