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How's this for weird celeb news: Last night, June 13, Chris Brown is rumored to have gotten into a bar brawl with Drake. Seriously.

Late last night, Chris tweeted this photo, saying "How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol... Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!" The tweet and photo have since been removed, though not before the Internet had already preserved them for posterity.  

Reportedly, Drake and Chris were both at a NYC nightclub called WIP last night. A source told the New York Post that "Drake's entourage got into a brawl with Chris Brown's entourage, and Chris Brown got hit in the face with a bottle."

Drake's rep confirmed to the Post that Drake and Chris's respective entourages were involved in a tussle last night, but stated “it's unclear if [Drake] was there. I'm still trying to find out."

E! got more info from the NYPD, who confirmed that the police did respond to a call at WIP around 4 a.m. last night. According to E!, "five victims suffered non-threatening lacerations and were removed to area hospitals. There were no arrests and the investigation is ongoing." The NYPD also told TMZ that neither Drake nor Chris were present when they arrived.

Rumors are flying that the fight was over Rihanna, who has dated both men in the past. Sources told the New York Daily News that the incident began when Chris sent Drake a bottle of champagne and Drake sent it back with a note that said "I’m still f------ Rihanna."

It's unclear if the rumors about the Rihanna note are true, and it's unclear if Drake was directly involved. But one thing is certain: That is a nasty cut Chris is sporting. This is why you don't get into bar fights, kids.

Source: New York Post, E!, TMZ, New York Daily News

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