No one said dating was "simple," even when you're Paris Hilton. 

The 31-year-old socialite  and former Simple Life star  was dumped by DJ AfroJack, her boyfriend of six months. AfroJack  who's only 24  is a Dutch music producer and DJ, and he met Paris while producing tracks for her upcoming second album. 

Credit: Bryan Schnitzer Photo: Celebrity DJs: Afrojack

Things between AfroJack and Paris had apparently heated up quickly, as he'd been living with her in her Beverly Hills mansion. Then again, if the person you're dating owns a Beverly Hills mansion, why wouldn't you want to move in and make yourself at home?

So what went wrong? Paris's friends say that she had seriously fallen for the guy and that she's likely to be crushed about the breakup, but that AfroJack wasn't ready to settle down. Sources say that Paris is constantly telling her friends that she wants to be married with kids, and she's worried that she isn't getting any younger. Meanwhile, AfroJack is on the road a lot and preferred to be out partying and playing the field. 

As far as Paris's new album, it's set to be released later this year, even though her first album only sold just 197,000 copies. She is also said to be disappointed that she's no longer as popular as she once was. But we're sure that you can't wait to pick up a copy of her new album, right? Right?


Source: Radar Online

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