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Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) can’t fool us!

30 Rock aired its much-anticipated live show last night, and just like last season’s live event, the two episodes — one for East Coast viewers and one for West Coast viewers — weren’t totally in sync.

Unless Paul McCartney is just really bloody good at dressing up as Kim Kardashian.

While those who saw the first episode were treated to a scene in which the Beatle drops by Jack’s (Alec Baldwin) office to use the bathroom, the fans who tuned in for the second version caught a Kim Kardashian cameo instead. Amy Poehler also makes an appearance in both opening scenes as a young Liz Lemon, but in the first one it’s prom night, and in the second it’s her Sweet 16.

Fairness aside, these differences — just two of several — are pretty amusing.

Catch the two scenes below:

Credit: Hulu Photo: Paul McCartney's 30 Rock Cameo in the Season 6 Live Show (VIDEO)
Credit: Hulu Photo: Kim Kardashian's 30 Rock Cameo in the Season 6 Live Show (VIDEO)
Credit: Hulu Photo: The Morning After Compares the Two Airings of 30 Rock's Live Season 6 Episode (VIDEO)

Source: The Insider

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