Since a surprising number of people love to share nude photos of themselves, and would be doing it anyway, it's nice to see the addiction finally put to good use — in support of a royal hottie who can't keep it in his pants.

In the wake of Prince Harry's nude Vegas scandal, supporters around the world are flocking to the Facebook page "Support Prince Harry with a naked salute!"

According to TMZ, there are rules to posting salute photos, including "please cover your crown jewels, tag yourself in your photo as proof of your support to the nations favourite Royal!"

The Daily Mail has a great roundup of photos from fans who have REALLY gotten into the spirit of things. These are the kinds of pics that can come back to haunt you when you want to get a serious job or, you know, age 20 years and your grandkids stumble on them. Or maybe you'll be proud of the strong stand you took in support of frat boys in Vegas?

Over at Celebuzz, PR experts say there's a double standard at work — and if this were "Princess Harriet" instead of Prince Harry, people wouldn't think the nude photos were cool or funny or dismiss them as a guy just having fun. The princess would get called a tramp or worse. Considering the snobbish sniffs Pippa Middleton has gotten for much less than this, they are probably right.

Sources: Facebook, TMZ, The Daily Mail, Celebuzz

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