Talk about a subtle way of announcing your marriage!

Amber Rose referred to rapper Wiz Khalifa as her "husband" to TMZ, although there had been no previous reports of the two exchanging vows. 

A TMZ cameraman handed Amber a Ninja Turtles ice cream bar on January 15, to which Amber replied, "My husband loves Ninja Turtles." Uh, her "husband"? Say what?!

Come to think of it, this might be the first-ever marriage announcement to involve the Ninja Turtles. Splinter must be proud.

To be fair, the cute couple  who are expecting their first child at the end of February  had recently dropped hints that they hoped to be hitched before the bundle of joy arrives.

But if they have indeed gotten married, they managed to keep the ceremony extremely hush-hush, as it had not been reported in the media.

At any rate, we wish these two all the best! And let's get this straight: Amber is married, has a baby on the way, and she got free ice cream? What more could you want! 

Source: TMZ