Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: Fergie and Josh Duhamel Are Having a Baby!

Fergie is a 37-year-old rock star. Her husband, Josh Duhamel, is a 40-year-old heartthrob. They've been dating since 2004 and got married in 2009.

So far it's just been them having fun, getting in trouble, and doing whatever. But now they have a baby on the way.

Josh told Page Six his wife's response to the pregnancy news. “She was the one when we first found out that was like, 'This [bleep] just got real,'" Josh said. "Those were the first words out of her mouth."

But it sounds like this is the perfect time for bleep to get real for the couple. “I’m not 24," Josh said. "I’ve got some life experience that I think I can impart. My mother was the disciplinarian and my father was more of a free spirit. Hopefully I’m somewhere in between.”

Yeah, don't make Mom be Bad Cop to Dad's Good Cop. It isn't fair. But good luck, man!

Source: Page Six