Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Photo: It’s KayCee Stroh (Martha Cox)!

High School Musical's KayCee Stroh told In Touch Weekly she was standing in the kitchen one day when her future baby girl's name just came to her, "like a whisper in the ear."

What's the name? "Drumroll...," KayCee, 28, teased during her baby shower on March 23, "It’s Zetta. So, Zetta Lee Higginson." (KayCee's husband's name is Ben Higginson.)

“This is kind of crazy, but I’ve always loved Z names and double Ts in names. I’ve always thought they were so beautiful,” KayCee explained. She also said she's had a pretty easy pregnancy, but with one specific craving. "The one thing, no matter what, no matter how nauseous I’m feeling is macaroni and cheese,” she said, adding that she's never been a mac and cheese girl.

But it sounds like Zetta is a mac & cheese girl. What do you think of Zetta as a name? Cute, no?

Source: In Touch Weekly