Jessica Simpson and her dad still haven't patched things up, even with her possible sitcom on the horizon.

Jessica's dad, Joe, is billed as an executive producer on Jessica's in-development NBC sitcom, but he won't be allowed on set when she's there, according to Radar Online.

“Don’t be fooled that because Joe is executive producer for Jessica’s new show she has now forgiven him for cheating on Tina," a family source reveals. “In fact, they still don’t talk, and Jessica doesn’t want anything to do with her dad. He’s her manager, that’s all."

“He won’t be on set when she is," the source continues. “If Jessica had it her way, Joe wouldn’t be involved at all. However, she’s still under contract to be managed by him so there’s nothing else she can do.”

Apparently, this spat between Jessica and Joe has caused tension for Jessica and her fiancé Eric as well. The couple argued about it during much of the family's recent trip to Hawaii, which "spoiled the trip" for some of the "uncomfortable" family members.

“Eric thinks she’s being too hard on Joe," the insider explains. "In his eyes, he’s a decent man who made a terrible mistake and should be given another chance. However, Jessica countered that Eric doesn’t know Joe the way she does, and if Joe is in their life, he will destroy what they have."

With Jessica pregnant with her second child, here's hoping that Jessica and Joe can find a way to put this feud behind them. 

Source: Radar Online