Jessica Simpson's Baby #2 is not making things easy for his or her (but probably his) mother.

Jess was on Ellen DeGeneres's show, talking about how she and her fiance, Eric Johnson, were "extremely shocked" to get pregnant again so quickly after their daughter, Maxwell Drew, was born. Then again, Jessica admitted they didn't use protection, so ... maybe this rowdy baby is now punishing them for their lack of planning!

"Maxwell was our focus, and then I was puking and lying on the couch," Jessica said (via E! News) adding that this pregnancy has been the "complete opposite" of her first. "Like with Maxwell, I felt amazing. I felt like I could do everything, eat everything. Do whatever I wanted. I had a lot of energy. This time around, I'm like, exhausted, you know, eating Tums. That's my snack of choice."

Jessica hasn't gained as much weight this time, she said, since the first time she "let loose" and ate whatever she wanted. This time she's doing Weight Watchers and staying healthy. However, she added, "Apparently Eric still wanted me [even when I gained more weight] ... so I can gain as much weight and I will have a husband-to-be that loves me!" He'd better! He keeps getting her knocked up, the least he can do is love her as her body grows ... and pukes, and eats Tums.

Source: E! News