Credit: @Fergie Photo: Fergie and Josh Duhamel show their baby bumps

Josh Duhamel is pregnant!

This is how it should be — when a woman gets a pregnancy bump, a man should have his own real bump, not just sympathy weight gain because he feels like eating for two. Josh hosted the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday, and his pregnant wife, Fergie, joined him backstage and later tweeted this photo, writing, "Had a blast w/ @joshduhamel at #KCA yesterday. He killed it." He is pretty adorable. Love his shoes, too, but maybe Fergie should be the one wearing them. Let him try the heels!

Josh recently did or did not reveal that he and Fergie are expecting a baby boy. There's debate on this one. Maybe he was just trying to say he, as a boy, would be carrying the baby. That would be refreshing and a good change for the 21st century. Work on it, science!

Source: @Fergie