Credit: People Photo: Kate Middleton and Prince William April 2013 People cover

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — Prince William and Kate Middleton — are preparing for their little heir, and the pregnancy has just brought them closer together.

"They've always been close but it's been much more pronounced since she has become pregnant," royals author Judy Wade told People. Kate is expected to give birth in July, and in the meantime she and her hubby have been making appearances together. They even played ping-pong in Scotland! (He won. And he bragged about it!)

A source said William will soon announce he's leaving his search-and-rescue helicopter unit job. He'll presumably take on more royal duties, as well as hopefully finding more time to spend with Kate, the baby, and their dog, Lupo. "He's ready for the next step," the source said. Granted, he has the easier job of the two, since he doesn't have to give birth. But it's good to hear they aren’t just excited for the future; they're prepared! The world will be watching.

This week's People has details on how William is pampering Kate and more on how they've bonded over the baby. Are you happy for them?

Source: People