Did Prince Harry just spill the beans?

Pregnant Kate Middleton has stayed mum (so to speak) on the gender of the baby that she's expecting her baby in July, but reports have surfaced that Prince Harry has started telling people what she's having, according to The Mirror.

So what is the gender? Well, let's just say it might be time to stock up on blue clothing.

“Harry has been telling everyone Wills and Kate are having a boy and how thrilled he is at the prospect of having a little nephew," says a source.

“He said the whole family were excited about it," the insider continues. "Apparently, Kate has always wanted a boy."

So the next step is figuring out what to call the little guy.

“They’re really working hard on baby names now and think they have it sorted," the source divulges. “But they won’t reveal anything to ­anyone  not even Harry. Of course, Harry’s been making up crazy suggestions and winding them up, too."

“The close inner circle all know that it’s a boy and they’re busily buying gifts with a boy theme," the source adds. "There will be an awful lot if blue in their house.”

If this is true, it would be contrary to previous rumors that Kate was actually having a girl. However, that previous rumor was just speculation based on what an onlooker thought Kate was about to say.

Oh, boy!

Source: The Mirror 

Credit: Hollyscoop via 5min Photo: Pregnant Kate Middleton Has “Massively Broken With Royal Protocol” — Report