The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in Scotland on Thursday, and while Prince William was getting rejected by a 4-year-old (harsh!), Kate Middleton was surrounded by baby questions.

Kate told one fan (via People) she's due "around mid-July, but apparently babies have their own agenda." She also said she and William "have a short list" of names for both boys and girls, "but it's very difficult. My friends keep texting me names." Ha! Everyone has to get their two cents in.

According to Us Weekly, Kate & William were considering Elizabeth Diana Carole for a girl's name, which would combine his grandmother's name, his mother's name, and her mother's name, all in the name of their potential future daughter/queen. Do you have suggestions/hopes for the baby's gender/name or are you just going to wait and see what happens?

Source: People




Credit: Associated Press Photo: Royal Snub! Prince William's Kiss Rejected By 4-Year-Old