Pregnancy has hardly dulled the ever-radiant princess, but she never fails to surprise with another upbeat appearance. During a two-day tour of Scotland with hubby William, the royal mom-to-be (and Queen-to-be) channeled her athletic side.

At a visit to a homeless shelter, the Duchess of Cambridge and her Prince played ping pong and shot some hoops. Six months pregnant? So what! Game on.

Wearing a fashionable plaid coat, Kate looked her normal happy self, and her baby bump hardly showed. Her giant sapphire engagement ring, however, showed enormously as Kate aimed for the basket.

The royal couple continue to keep details of the pregnancy very private, though reportedly “hinted” to reporters as to when their child is due (mid-July). Kate mentioned that her friends keep texting her baby names for consideration, but coyly did not elaborate.

US Magazine reported that “Elizabeth Diana Carole” was a possible name choice for a girl, as it would combine Williams’s grandmother's and mother's name, as well as Kate's mother's name. 

We don’t expect Kate and William to be letting the media in on much anytime soon. Until the baby is out, mum’s the word...and then mum will be the word in an entirely different way for Kate! 

Source: Us Magazine