Credit: Instagram

Kim Kardashian has been open about trying out Botox in the past, but her most recent brush with the needle is of a different sort entirely.


The reality starlet Instagrammed a photo of her needle-filled face yesterday, captioned, “Oh, just relaxing.”


The photo, which showed Kim taking part in an acupunture session, prompted a slew of comments from her followers, some of whom went so far as to accuse the star of faking the pic.

 While acupuncture enthusiasts allege that the treatment can cure everything from morning sickness to migraines, Kim’s remaining mum on why she opted for the human pin cushion look. Kim recently admitted that her pregnancy is more difficult than she expected, but it seems she's trying to make things work, albeit in some unconventional ways. 


One thing is for sure, though: if the girl can sit through a blood facial, we're sure a few needles to the face wouldn’t faze her a bit.


Source: Kim Kardashian on Instagram