It's hard to go on a talk show and share cute anecdotes about your life while also maintaining your privacy — but Kristen Bell did it.

The House of Lies actress (who also voiced Gossip Girl’s titular character) and her fiancé, Parenthood actor Dax Shepard, are expecting their first child later this year. Kristen was asked a lot about her pregnancy during her recent stint on The Tonight Show.

How many months along is she? "I'm about 400 pounds months pregnant," Kristen joked to Jay Leno, adding that she stopped keeping track. Does she know if she's having a boy or a girl? Yes … but she doesn't want to tell everyone. She said she read that, at one point, a baby has a lot of fur over it, so she could be carrying any number of animals. (A sloth?) Jay tried to trick her up by asking what color she was painting the nursery. "Black," she quipped. Jay responded, "Wow, you're having a black baby, cool."

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Jay asked if Dax was helping with things like preparing the nursery. Kristen said no.

"We have prepared for this child in very different ways," she said. "I have done like, 'Oh that looks good for a bedsheet.' And he has been feverishly searching the Internet for a '96 Caprice station wagon with an LT1 Corvette motor. Because it's very important to him that our family car burns rubber."

They also got a Simpsons racing seat for the baby, which sounds very cute. So Dax is already The Fun Dad and Kristen is a bit more practical.

Kristen and Dax announced the pregnancy in November and the baby should be arriving sometime in the spring. And then at he/she will have to try out that Simpsons car seat and see if his/her parents really did paint the nursery black.

Source: NBC

Credit: YouTube Photo: Kristen Bell Freaks Out About Sloth Birthday Surprise (VIDEO)