Did someone spike the celebrity punch bowl with pink princess powder? It seems like girl fever lately — from Holly Madison's newborn, to (possibly!) Kate Middleton's baby to Poppy Montgomery's little lady.

The Unforgettable star told People she and her boyfriend Shawn Sanford will welcome a daughter this spring. “Shawn and I are beyond thrilled,” Poppy said. “We can’t wait to meet our sweet little angel.”

Poppy's 5-year-old son, Jackson (from her previous relationship with actor Adam Kaufman) already has ideas about his little sister's name. “Everyone keeps asking me if I’m going name her after a flower and carry on the tradition," Poppy told People. "But if Jackson has his way, she’ll be named Catwoman and be the perfect partner to his Batman!"

Love it! Or maybe just call her Robin?

Source: People