Credit: Mattel/Splash News Photo: William and Kate's Barbie Dolls

Maybe it's because we're used to seeing Ken dolls like these, with the bright blue eyes, flowing hair, and glowing tan, but something about Prince William's Barbie doll (which was made by Mattel to mark William and Kate's first wedding anniversary), is awkward to the max — and slightly, well, terrifying.

The dolls, which will go on sale in April, feature the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decked out in their wedding attire — William in his military jacket and sash, and Kate in her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown.

Listen, while we're all for Barbies, Kens, fairytale weddings, and using our imagination, we can't help but wonder if the Prince's all-too-realistic Barbie could actually be a Voodoo doll. Ahh!

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