Credit: Lifetime

Project Runway Season 11 — aka Project Runway Teams — is down to its final three: Michelle Lesniak Franklin of Portland, OR (a popular town for PR winners), Stanley Hudson of Lynwood, CA, and Patricia Michaels of Taos, NM. Which means Daniel Esquivel — with his phenomenal hair, expressions and emotion — is out.

Back in early February, when eight collections (including decoys) from Project Runway Season 11 showed at New York Fashion Week, Blogging Project Runway writer Tbone noted, "Collections #5 and #7 received the most positive reaction from the crowd." Looking at the photos of the collections at the time, it was thought that Michelle had #5 and Stanley #7. Now we know that's true, and it's looking like they may indeed be the final two. Or should we consider Patricia a dark horse (with horse hair!) to win? Heidi Klum adores her, even if Nina Garcia seems pained by most of what Patricia does.

Credit: Lifetime Photo: Project Runway Season 11's Michelle Lesniak Franklin

The judges weren't sold on Michelle early in the season, and she was put in time-out last week for disappointing Nina in the Marie Claire challenge. But Michelle's finale's collection preview wowed the judges and she was the first to get the OK for fashion week. For our money, her full collection is the winner. (That bleeding heart sweater!) What do you think? Check out the full collections below.

Michelle's finale collection.

Stanley's finale collection.

Patricia's finale collection.

Who will win? Who should win?