Credit: Lifetime

New Project Runway judge Zac Posen says he's not a Simon Cowell. He's a softie — but Tim Gunn added that Zac does have high standards, which you want from a judge.

Tim and Zac (who is replacing Michael Kors) were on Good Morning America today, and Tim tried to quell any fears about the new "Teams" setup. "In a manner of speaking [the designers] have to play nicely with each other and they're responsible for each other's work as well as their own,” Tim explained. “A lot of people were upset about this. They think the designers are compromising their point of view, but they're not — they're still designing individual looks, but they're presenting as a group."

Zac said the biggest surprise for him was seeing the fast creativity and how much of a united front the designers would have in front of the judges. "So I think when you see the show, and as the show unfolds, you're going to have this incredible experience of seeing sort of the cracks start to show. It's an amazing season."

The new season of Project Runway premieres tomorrow (Thursday, January 24) on Lifetime.

Source: GMA