Credit: People Photo: Gwyneth Paltrow on People cover

Obviously you, your wife, your daughter, your mom, your sister, your cat, your whoever is the most beautiful woman in your world. But People magazine always picks a famous woman to anoint as its "World's Most Beautiful Woman" — and for 2013 the mag chose Gwyneth Paltrow

If you think she was the perfect choice, great! Enjoy. It is nice to see a 40-year-old mother on the cover, as opposed to a young starlet. That said ... Gwyneth Paltrow? Really?

Last year's "Most Beautiful" was Beyonce Knowles. Before her, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Drew Barrymore, Kate Hudson, and Christina Applegate have all covered the issue. So they do tend to choose more established stars, instead of newbies, but which star would you have chosen?

Which lady celeb should've been named the world's most beautiful woman, in your opinion? Jennifer Lawrence? Kerry Washington? Connie Britton? Reese Witherspoon? (Kidding!) Halle again? Share your pick in the comments.