Credit: Getty Images Photo: Kate Middleton at Diamond Jubilee

We're just about at the halfway point of 2012 and The Daily Mail says the fashionista formerly known as Kate Middleton is on track to have spent at least £35,000 (roughly $54,000 in U.S. dollars) on high-end and couture clothing since the beginning of the year.

Who is paying for all the fashion? Prince Charles! The Daily Mail says Kate's father-in-law has agreed to pay, through his official household budget, for any dresses the Duchess of Cambridge wears for "work-related" engagements through his official household budget.

Credit: WeirPhotos / Splash News Photo: Prince William and Kate Middleton Arrive at Claridges on May 8, 2012

Wills "only" earns £44,000 a year as a RAF helicopter pilot and the £10million he recently inherited from his mother's estate is considered to be his "private income." So somehow he's off the hook when it comes to buying clothes for his wife.

To quote the Daily Mail: "A quick glance at Kate’s recent purchases suggests the increasingly glamorous Duchess has spent more than £35,000 on designer outfits in the past six months alone. Quite a turnaround, then, for the woman who went on her honeymoon in a £49.99 Zara dress. Senior royal sources insist, however, that the Duchess chooses her outfits ‘to fit the occasion’ and will continue to wear more affordable frocks as well as ones that she already owns."

As an international celebrity with a perfect figure for fashion, Kate could snap her fingers and get anything she wanted — free — from designers dying for the publicity they'd get from Kate in their clothes. But the duchess reportedly insists on paying full price for her clothes and instructed her staff to never allow her to get an endorsement discount. Good girl! But bad for budget.

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