Could anyone really blame Liberty Ross if she wanted to cut and run?

You never know what rumors to believe when it comes to the whole cheating "scandal" between Kristen Stewart and her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, but it's pretty believable that Rupert's wife might be ready to leave the United States and go back home to the United Kingdom.

UK’s The People claims Liberty has hired “a celebrity lawyer” in L.A. to get a quick divorce from her husband.

“She only moved to the States to support Rupert and his career," a source close to Liberty is quoted as telling The People. “She has no strong ties in the US nor does she want to remain here. She has made it clear that she wants to move back to the UK with her children. She obviously wants them to carry on seeing their father, but she feels there is no point in staying in the US. Given that the majority of her family and friends are in the UK, nothing is holding her here and the kids are young enough to start a new school and not be affected.”

The story claims Liberty started divorce proceedings within a week of the news coming out.

“Liberty plans to mediate this out of court in a swift and efficient way, for the sake of her children," the source continued. “She just wants a clean break. She and Rupert have met with a mediator and are working things out in a civil manner. She’s suffered enough.”

Whatever else is true, let’s hope the kids really can somehow emerge from his unaffected. What would you do, if you were Liberty? Take the kids and leave? Fight to save your marriage? Hide out until this all blows over?


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